Dental Sprays/Gels

Dental Sprays and Gels

Dental Sprays/Gels – There are a variety of oral care products that can be beneficial in maintaining good oral health.  While pet suppliers offer a wide selection of tooth brushing devices and chews, the incidence of dental disease suggests that pet owners find these methods ineffective, difficult to implement, or both.  Fortunately, a variety of over-the-counter sprays and gels are available. Most products are formulated for direct application, but may also consist of herbal tinctures, or concentrates for dispensing in the dog’s drinking water. Read Periodontal Disease in Dogs – The Scary Truth for a more detailed explanation and a complete review of the most common dental sprays/gels available both online and in stores.

In addition to the commercially available dental sprays and gels, most veterinarians also carry products specifically designed for the prevention and/or treatment of periodontal disease. Always start with a veterinary consult before initiating any new over-the-counter treatment protocols.

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