Raw Foods

This category of products features raw foods including both meaty bones as well as raw unpasteurized goat’s milk.  Raw goats milk is a great source of naturally occurring probiotics which can be very beneficial in a number of situations.  Read Top 4 Ways to Add Probiotics to Your Dog’s Diet for more information about the benefits of raw foods and naturally occurring probiotics in general. Although there is still some debate on the nutritional origins for dogs, there is a growing consensus that supports the idea that dog’s are quite simply carnivores.  According to Thomas Sandberg, head of the Long Living Pets Research Project:

“Dogs are carnivores; therefore, the only food they can properly digest, metabolize, and utilize is raw meat. This is a fact. There are still some people who do not agree that dogs are carnivores, but that opinion is based on a lack of knowledge or misinformation. I know the majority of dog owners accept this fact but, if you disagree, then my approach to extending the lifespan of large and giant breed dogs will be hard to accept. A carnivore gets most of its nutrients from raw meats (80%), bones (10%), and some organ meats (10%), with supplements used to complete the nutritional requirements. Together, they fulfill a dog’s nutritional needs to sustain a strong immune system that protects against diseases and promotes healthy organs, bones, and joints.”


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