Trudog Doggy Dental Spray (4 oz)

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TruDog Spray Me Doggy Dental Spray is easy to apply and features an all-natural formula that is made here in the USA. This bottle contains 4 ounces of the veterinarian recommended formulation to eliminate the bacteria that cause plaque build-up and bad breath. Provide your pup with an all-natural way to keep breath fresh and teeth healthy- get this spray for your pup today!

Key Features:
Effectively reduces plaque, tartar and bacteria
Combats bad breath with all-natural solution
Made in the USA


TruDog Doggy Dental Spray

TruDog Doggy Dental Spray helps reduce dental plaque and tartar by controlling the bacteria that causes plaque build-up and bad breath. Brushing your dog’s teeth daily can be a cumbersome burden, but there’s an easier way to ensure your dog’s teeth and gums are safe between dental cleanings.

AAHA Study – 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of periodontal disease by age 3

Read MaxxNaturals Publication:  Periodontal Disease in Dogs – the Scary Truth



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